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yapc: Yet Another Perl Conference

Sponsorship and Support

Yet Another Perl Conference is a grassroots effort, run by volunteers. We are dedicated to keeping the event affordable, and to do this, we rely on the amazing generosity of members of the Perl community.

What do we need?

Sponsorship can take many forms, such as:

  • Direct financial donations;
  • Sponsorship of a meal at the conference (lunch or dinner);
  • Donation of products or services for our auction;
  • Help with a conference expense (we have many, so contact us for details);

What can we offer to sponsors?

  • We display your logo with a few words about your company on the conference web site.
  • We will reproduce the same logo and text in printed conference materials.
  • We will mention all sponsors at the opening session and the final assembly.
  • Sponsors may provide something to be inserted in the conference bag.
  • We'll mention sponsors in email communications with attendees.
  • The main hallway of the conference building is large, so we can provide space to set up tables. If you would like to send representatives to talk to attendees, please contact us to discuss arrangements. (Contact Jim Brandt: cbrandt{at}buffalo{dot}edu)

Questions and Answers

  • Where does the money go?

    All money donated through YAPC goes to the The Perl Foundation, which is a unit of the Yet Another Society(YAS).

  • Is the contribution tax deductable?

    Yes! Yet Another Society (YAS) is a non-profit, 501(3)(c) corporation. Please contact us if you need specific information.

  • I'm sold, how do I donate?

    To donate directly, you can go to the perl foundation donation site. Click on the link to "Donate" and select "YAPC Donations" from the Fund Drive list. If you have questions or want to contribute in a different way, please contact me (Jim Brandt) at cbrandt{at}buffalo{dot}edu.

  • More information:

    You can find more information in the Contribution FAQ on the Perl Foundation site.

Yet Another Society is a non-profit organization for the advancement of collaborative efforts in computer and information sciences. YAS promotes symposia, teaching, and group projects. See http://yetanother.org for more information.


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