The Perl Power Contest


Keen on trying out the new ActivePerl 5.6 features? Have some fun and test your Perl strength, and you could win a trip to YAPC Europe!


Grand prize: return airfare to YAPC Europe (maximum value $1000)

4 runner-ups: ActiveState prize pack (worth $100)


Entries should meet the following requirements:


1. Entries should be submitted in zip or tar.gz format. Each entry should consist of a directory named after the entry, containing at least:


         a plaintext README file with instructions and contact information (could have POD or other readable markup but no HTML)

         the program itself and its supporting files

         supporting documentation, if needed (no limitations on format)


2. The program should run without errors or warnings under ActivePerl 5.6 (build 613), or if ActivePerl is unavailable for your platform, under Perl 5.6.0. No command line switches other than those indicated on the shebang line of the program will be used.


3. The entry should include everything needed for the program to run and produce meaningful results. The program will be run with the basic installation of ActivePerl 5.6. Any dependencies that are not in the base ActivePerl distribution should be:


         indicated in the README, along with instructions for building and installing the same, if needed

         be included as part of the entry, unless it is freely available via the ActiveState PPM repository, via CPAN, from elsewhere on the net, or is a supported ActiveState product


4. Entries that need a web browser or a web server for proper functioning should indicate this clearly. Any special configuration needs for these should be clearly documented.


This contest is not to be confused with the Obfuscated Perl Contest. Ergo, all entries must be written in a readable style, and tastefully commented where necessary.


Entries that meet the above requirements will be judged based on the following criteria:



Contest deadline is Monday June 19, 2000, midnight Pacific Standard Time.


Submissions and questions can be directed to:


Good luck!


Legal mumbo-jumbo:

1.      Contest is free.

2.      Entrants must be at least 16 years old.

3.      Contest is not available to employees of ActiveState.

4.      All applicable federal, provincial, state and local laws shall apply. Contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

5.      In case of any dispute, the decisions of ActiveState are final.

6.      Winners will be notified at YAPC 19100. Each winner consents to the use of his or her name and likeness, e-mail name, e-mail address, and/or photograph in any publicity, promotion, or advertising carried out by ActiveState or its agencies.

7.      Prizes are not assignable, transferable or redeemable for cash.

8.      ActiveState is not responsible for any late, lost, or misdirected entries, or computer, on-line, telephone, or technical malfunction that may occur for any reason.