YAPC Call for Participation

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Call for Participation

Third North American YAPC: Second Call for Participation

Yet Another Society
calls for your participation in

YAPC 2001
the Third North American
Yet Another Perl Conference


McGill University,
Montreal, Quebec

Wednesday through Friday
June 13-15, 2001

YAPC is a place for people to meet and talk about Perl -- where people who've done interesting things, people who are working on the language itself, people who are using it daily, and people who are looking to learn about it are all within arm's reach. Some of the great authors and coders in the field will be on hand to discuss their work, as well as the nature and direction of Perl itself.

Please join us for three days of listening and talking about Perl in Montreal.

  • Conference registration is NOW OPEN!

Conference registration cost: USD $85 (about CAD $125).
  • Dorm rooms will be available at the University (rates TBA); specific arrangements are still being made with McGill, but we expect dorm accommodations to cost under USD $25 per night for a single room. request information will be on the website and registration form.

  • YAPC is looking for sponsors. Please contact Kevin Lenzo (lenzo@yapc.org) for information about how you can help support the Yet Another Society and YAPC. Much of the necessary funding for YAPC comes from the generous donations of our sponsors.

  • Submitted papers:
Submission Deadline: May 1, 2001

    All topics are welcome. Here is a short list of subjects that might be presented:

    XML, CGI/Web, Interprocess Communication, GUIs (GTk, Tk), Natural Language Processing, Interactive Perl, Agents, Perl as Glue, Object-Oriented Perl, Scientific Applications, Guts, Internals, JAPHs, Perl Poetry, System Administration, DBI/DBD, Non-UNIX Perl, Security, Peer-to-Peer Communication, Your Favourite Topic.

    Please submit your abstracts to <na-author@yapc.org>. Authors are requested to limit their abstracts to four sentences for Lightning Talks, and to 300 words for other talks.

  • This year we will accept a number of types of talks:

    • Lightning: 5 minutes

      The lightning talks were instigated by Mark-Jason Dominus last year in Pittsburgh, and were replicated with great success at the European YAPC in London.

      Participants speak for no more than five minutes, with the use of conventional transparencies. Any use of data projector, etc, is discouraged, but allowed as long as the five minute time limit is maintained (set-up will be done as the clock ticks).

      Any topic is allowed, and some have been fantastically humourous. Lightning talks are an excellent forum for first-time speakers.

      To propose a lightning talk, please send an abstract of no more than four sentences to:

      by the end of May 31, 2001. If your talk is selected for

      presentation, you will be notified by June 6. For more complete information about Lightning Talks, please visit

    • Standard: 20 minutes

      A standard talk is the preferred format. This is enough time to start a topic, introduce it with some pithy slides, and open up to later conversation.

    • Long and Extra-Long: 45 minutes, 90 minutes

      Long talks are reserved for experienced speakers covering large topics. If you have an in-depth topic you would like to present in some detail, perhaps with considerable discussion, a Long or Extra-Long talk may be the format of choice.

    • Tutorial: 3 hours + break (possibly in two sets)

      Half-day (or possibly full-day) tutorials.

Please submit your abstracts to <na-author@yapc.org>!

Thank you; we hope you will participate. If you have any questions, please mail <na-help@yapc.org>.

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