YAPC Call for Participation

YAPC North America 2005: Yet Another Perl Conference

Call for Participation

YAPC North America 2005: First Call for Participation

Yet Another Society
calls for your participation in

YAPC::NA 2005
the Seventh North American
Yet Another Perl Conference


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Monday through Wednesday
June 27-29, 2005

YAPC is a place for people to meet and talk about Perl -- where people who've done interesting things, people who are working on the language itself, people who are using it daily, and people who are looking to learn about it are all within arm's reach. Some of the great authors and coders in the field will be on hand to discuss their work, as well as the nature and direction of Perl itself.

Please join us for three days of listening, talking and learning about Perl in Toronto.

  • Conference pre-registration will be announced in late winter to early spring 2005. When it opens, you can make your payment at this link.

You might want to make a donation to The Perl Foundation as well. You can certainly do that through this link at any time, including now.
  • We are also looking for sponsors. Please contact <na-sponsor@yapc.org> for information on how you can help support the Yet Another Society and YAPC. Much of the necessary funding for YAPC comes from the generous donations of our sponsors.

  • Submitted papers:
Abstract Submission Deadline: April 18, 2005

    Submissions regarding all Perl topics are welcome, but they must be technical topics aimed at the benefit of the attendees (not marketing talks aimed at the benefit of some product or service associated with the presenter.)

    Authors will be notified if their abstract is accepted or rejected.

    We're currently working on the budget for YAPC::NA 2005 and our hope is to provide speakers at the conference with either a reduced fee or a waived fee entirely. Possibly there will be a combination of these approaches built into a sliding scale based on the amount of speaking time.

  • This year we are considering accepting a number of types of talks:

    • Lightning: 5 minutes

      Lightning talks are brief (5-minute) talks that focus on a single example, idea, project, or technique. Lightning talks do not attempt to cover all aspects of their subject matter, but rather to present one facet of the idea clearly and succinctly.

      Information on how to submit a proposal for a lightning talk will be posted at a later date, no later than April 2005. We will not accept lightning talk submissions at this time.

    • Standard: e.g. 20 minutes

      A standard talk is the preferred format. This is enough time to start a topic, introduce it with some pithy slides, and open up to later conversation.

    • Long and Extra-Long: e.g. 40 minutes, 85 minutes

      Long talks are reserved for experienced speakers covering large topics. If you have an in-depth topic you would like to present in some detail, perhaps with considerable discussion, a Long or Extra-Long talk may be the format of choice.

    • Tutorial: e.g. 3 hours + break (possibly in two sets)

      Half-day (or possibly full-day) tutorials. These tutorials tend to cover a wide range to material for a certain aspect of Perl programming. For example, an XML tutorial could cover XML basics, to writing XML, to parsing XML, to practical uses of XML.

Conference organizers reserve the right to change the length assigned to a talk, if deemed neccessary. If you want to speak on multiple topics, please submit a seperate proposal for each one.

Please register your abstracts online at
the YAPC::NA 2005 Toronto Call-for-Papers submission site !

Thank you; we hope you will participate. If you have any questions, please mail <na-help@yapc.org>.

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