A fractal camel in PostScript... almost!

This talk presents and deconstructs three heavily obfuscated programs in a colorful way.

Julia Mandelbrot

This code is a schizophrenic boustrophedon. It was one of my 7 entries for the 5th Obfuscated Perl Contest held by TPJ in August 2000. It was disqualified for being too long (more than 512 characters).

Camel code

In December 2000, Stephen B. Jenkins (aka Erudil) posted on Perlmonks a piece of camel-shaped obfuscated code that prints a reduced version of itself. ThinkGeek has since published a T-shirt with this code on the back.

The Best Ever

This is another of my several entries for OPC5. This is a bilingual program in Perl and PostScript. This one was also disqualified for being too long. Said The Perl Journal's Felix Gallo:

Although Mssr. Bruhat's combination PostScript/Perl (yes, really) entry was The Best Ever, it was also many, many more bytes than permitted.

Copyright © 2000-2001, Philippe "BooK" Bruhat.