You donít really need (CGI) security anyway!

By Someone-who-doesn't-want-to-be-named*

Presented as a lightning talk at YAPC::Europe 2.0.01 03-Aug-2001
This presentation is not meant to be taken seriously. A lot has been lost in the conversion of what was more like 'stand-up with slides' to HTML only. No offence was intended by any of the comments and this advice is not meant to be followed.

Popular misconceptions about security

The most important thing to remember

Writing Secure Code

General Tips


Peer Review

# Link to the Credit Card Server
$dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:Oracle:CCard","Jeff", "figtree");

# Assuming we connect do the rest

Peer Review Stage 2

ďHey l4me skript kiddies betcha canít crack this -Ē

Obscurity is Job Security

use Acme::Buffy;

print "Hello world";

use Acme::Buffy;
BUffY bUFFY BUffY bUFFY bUfFy buffy BUFfy buFFY BufFy BufFY bUFfy BuFFY buffy bufFy bUffy bUffY BuFfy BuffY bUFfy BUfFY BUFFy Buffy bUffY BuFFY BUFFy BufFy BUFfy BUfFY buFfy BufFy bUffY bUFFy 

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Jeremy Gurney 2001 (*Doh!)