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Thursday June 27th Schedule

  Brown 100 Brown 118 McDonnell 162 Busch 100
9:00 Sean Quinlan:
Introduction to Perl for Bioinformatics
Adam Turoff:
Open Source Presentation Tools
Geoffrey Young:
mod_perl: do more
Shane Landrum, et. al.:
Shared Calendaring in Perl
9:25 Casey West:
Server Side Form Validation with Imager
R. Geoffrey Avery:
9:45 Simon Cozens:
10 Modules I wouldn't Go Anywhere Without
Stephen B. Jenkins:
A Configuration File Editor for a Wind Tunnel Data System
Geoffrey Young
Object Oriented mod_perl
Dave Rolsky
Alzabo: Less SQL, More (Data-Modelling and OO) Fun
10:10 Mark-Jason Dominus:
Mailing List Judo...
Richard Clamp
Sub::Parameters and other animals
10:30 Break Break Break Break
11:00 Allison Randal:
On Topic
Mark-Jason Dominus:
OO mod_perl
Michael McClennen:
Web Forms Unbound (and Interactive)
11:45 Dave Turner:
Nathan Torkington
Something, Something
Geoffrey Young
Directive Handlers with mod_perl
Clinton A. Pierce:
Ad Hoc Reporting with XML Data
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00 Brian Ingerson:
YAML - A New Language for Data
Simon Cozens:
optimizer.pm - Speeding up Perl the Hard Way
Phil Lawrence:
Jos Boumans:
2:25 Chris Brooks:
An Introduction to Embedding C in Perl
Jay Lawrence:
Building Custom Record Indexes With Perl
David Nicol:
TERN is not perl...
2:45 Phil Crowe:
A Simple Assembly Simulator
Kevin Falcone:
Adam Turoff:
3:10 Robert Spier:
Kida - A Next Generation Build System
Mark-Jason Dominus:
Conference Presentation Judo
Ross Lonstein:
(ab)Using a HTTP Proxy with Perl
3:30 Break
4:00 Mark-Jason Dominus:
Lightning Talks
6:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
7:00 Perl 6 BOF Tim Maher
Perl Training BOF
Brian Ingerson:
Jos Boumans


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