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Potential Speakers: This page is for registration of attendees! If you are interested in giving a presentation, talk, seminar, discussion, happening, performance, or something along those lines, you'll want to see the Call for Papers (e.g. speakers' participation) instead.

The Call for Papers will close on April 18, 2005

Basic Registration

The basic registration cost is US$ 85. To register for the conference fill in the form at this link: http://donate.perlfoundation.org/index.pl?node=registrant%20info&conference_id=423

A detailed text-format registration-is-now-open announcement can be found here: http://yapc.org/America/registration-announcement-2005.txt

You can find details on the conference hotel and university dormitory information in the accommodations section. More details will be placed on the web site soon. It is important to book accomdations as soon as possible. We have sufficient spaces for all YAPC attendees reserved, but the various accomodation partners will start releasing those reservations to the general public starting in the middle of May. It could be difficult to get accomodations booked after that time, and will be difficult to get accomdations booked if you wait "until the last minute" (which is basically anytime in the month of June).


You or your company can support YAPC and the Yet Another Society by becoming a sponsor -- contributing more than the basic cost. Sponsors are listed among the materials, and in the proceedings. Other sponsorship benefits are available as well.

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