YAPC::Europe 2001

BooK's talks

These slides are preview of the talks. The actual slides of the talks might look a little different in August 2001.

About the author

Philippe "BooK" Bruhat is a core member of the Paris Perl Mongueurs and a regular participant in Perlmonks, under the username BooK. Using Perl actively since 1998, he is known for his obfuscations which never won the Obfuscated Perl Contest... ;-)

During the summer of 2001, he worked on the translation of chapters 3 to 9 of Amelia (the pet name of the Camel book, 3rd edition) in French. But to make a living, he works as a security consultant for CMG France.

Original Obfuscated Perl Contests submissions

Here are the archive files, with the enclosed SOLUTION.


These slides (inspired by Abigail's talks on JAPHs) were generated by the Template-Toolkit, with the code automatically colored by a quick and dirty hand-made Perltidy TT2 plug-in.

Other tools: Perl, vim, Ghostview, Ghostscript, W3C HTML Validation Service, HTML Tidy ...

Copyright © 2000-2001, Philippe "BooK" Bruhat.