yapc: Yet Another Perl Conference
North America 2005 - June 27-29
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Day 1: Monday, June 27

Day 2
Day 3
Time Grand Ballroom (East) Grand Ballroom (Centre) Giovanni Room
9:00 Opening Ceremonies  
9:30 Opening Keynote
Larry Wall
10:00 State of the Carrot 2004 - 2005
Allison Randal
10:30 Break (15 minutes) - snack provided
10:45 The Tester's Toolkit -
Start Testing Your Projects Today

Pete Krawczyk & Andy Lester
The Linux Professional Institute and Perl
Matt Rice
Enterprise Workflow and Procurement
Integration with Perl

Jim Brandt
11:25 Taming Legacy Perl
Peter Scott
Sxip Homesites and Membersites -
Perl-Powered Identity Web Services

Keith Grennan
12:15 Lunch (1hr 15 min) - find on your own, suggestions provided
Solutions To Common Testing Problems
chromatic & Ian Langworth
Writing Tests with Apache-Test,
Part II

Geoffrey Young
Writing Kwiki Plugins
Brian Ingerson
2:15 mod_perl Authentication with

Michael Schout
2:30 Abstracting the Apache
Configuration API

Dorian Taylor
3:00 Break (15 minutes) - snack provided
3:15 Phalanx from the Trenches:
A Local Perl Users
Group's Experiences

Marc Prewitt & Jim Keenan
A Few Cool Things About mod_perl 2.0
Geoffrey Young
Writing Kwiki Plugins
Brian Ingerson
3:55 Testing C projects with Perl
Stig Brautaset
Perl Black Magic unleashed
Obfuscation and Golfing

Josť Castro
4:15 AnyData - A Case Study
Daniel Wright
4:45 End of Day
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