YAPC::NA 2005 Timetable - Day 2 (Tuesday June 28, 2005)
yapc: Yet Another Perl Conference
North America 2005 - June 27-29
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Day 1

Day 2: Tuesday, June 28

Day 3
Time Grand Ballroom (East) Grand Ballroom (Centre) Giovanni Room "brian d foyer"
  Apocalypse Now - Perl 6 is Here Today
Autrijus Tang
Learning Perl
brian d foy
10:10 Offline Programmatic Generation of Web Pages
Stephen Jenkins
10:30 Break (15 minutes) - snack provided
10:45 Perl Modules for Exceptions,
Logging and Parameter Validation

David Rolsky

Apocalypse Now - Perl 6 is Here Today (continued)
Autrijus Tang
Using utf-8 in Perl
Mark Fowler
Learning Perl (continued)
brian d foy
11:25 How to Serve a Billion Requests
a Day with Perl

Kevin Scaldeferri
A Language for Games
Luke Palmer
11:45 Using Graph Theory to Detect
Security Policy Violators

Walt Mankowski
'vexations in perl' or 'control loops for serious immobility'
John Saylor
12:15 Lunch (1hr 15 min) - find on your own, suggestions provided
1:30 Making the switch:
DBI to Class::DBI

Shawn Sorichetti
Status of the Perl 6 compiler
Patrick Michaud
International Address Parsing with Perl
Steve Purkis
Learning Perl (continued)
brian d foy
Perl Programing with DB2
Marina Greenstein
Parrot: Present and Future
Chip Salzenberg & Dan Sugalski
Regular Expressions for Syllabaries
Daniel Yacob
2:30 High-Availability & DBI
Steve Purkis
"Wyt ti'n medru siarad Saesneg?" and why need a phrasebook
3:00 Break (15 minutes) - snack provided
3:15 Beyond the Basics
of Class::DBI

Casey West
PGE - The Perl/Parrot Grammar Engine
Patrick Michaud
Perl DateTime Project
David Rolsky
Learning Perl (continued)
brian d foy
3:55 Getting your data from there to here: Class::DBI::DataMigration
Dan Friedman
Managing Email with Perl
Casey West
4:45 End of Day
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