yapc: Yet Another Perl Conference
North America 2005 - June 27-29
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YAPC America::North
Day 1
Day 2

Day 3: Wednesday, June 29

Time Grand Ballroom (East) Grand Ballroom (Centre) Giovanni Room
9:00 Project estimation and
tracking that works

Andy Lester
MVC Web Development with Perl
Perrin Harkins
Where did my memory go?
Dan Sugalski

9:20 Lazy test development
Joe McMahon

9:40 Introduction to Mason
David Rolsky
Safe Sex in the 70s
Yuval Kogman

10:00 Five Development Tools I
Can't Live Without

Casey West
10:30 Break (15 minutes) - snack provided
10:45 Portable Perl - how to write code that will work everywhere
Ivor Williams
Introduction to CGI::Application
Michael Peters
Building Data Driven Test Frameworks
(and actually enjoying it!)

Brian Ingerson
11:05 Perl Blue Magic -
Creating Perl Modules and Using the CPAN

Josť Castro
Pluggable Web Apps with CGI::Application and Perl
Michael Peters
11:25 Perldoc - New Tools for Perl Documentation
Brian Ingerson
11:45 Preparing for CPAN

Michael Graham
12:15 Lunch (1hr 15 min) - find on your own, suggestions provided
1:30 Lightning Talks
R. Geoffrey Avery
3:00 Break (15 minutes) - snack provided
3:15 Closing Keynote  
3:55 Town Hall Meeting
4:45 End of Day, End of Conference
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