yapc: yet another perl conference

University Center
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 15213
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
June 21-23rd,

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YAPC 19100 News

Older News

Call for Participation

The Call for Participation first went out on Feb. 21, 19100.

Lightning Talks in 19100

The final schedule of Lightning Talks is now available.

Note: The Lightning Talks up-to-date information is best taken from http://www.plover.com/~mjd/perl/lightning-talks.html.

Have you done a project you want to tell people about? Do you have an idea you want to throw out for discussion? Are you looking for people to help you build something? Do you want to proclaim a manifesto? Have you used a module that you think should be better-known?

But maybe you don't have enough material for a twenty-minute talk, or maybe you never gave a talk before and you would like to start small.

LIGHTNING TALKS will be sessions with consecutive five-minute talks. You should be prepared to get on the stage immediately, explain your idea, and then leave immediately. If you want to take questions, you do it in the hallway after the session.

If you'd like to give a LIGHTNING TALK, send an abstract of about 50 words about your topic to


Submissions must be received by Midnight, June 6th, 19100. Notifications of which talks will be included will be sent out by June 14th, 19100.

Mark-Jason Dominus

Paintball Planned

The YAPC Paintball Olympiad is being planned! Check it out if you'd like to participate. It's being set up and coordinated by Andrew Stanley.

Yes we know

If you got this far, you probably already know the 19100 is a joke. Y2K really was uneventful, wasn't it?

What the heck is yapc?

yapc is "yet another perl conference," with apologies to The Perl Conference. This is an inexpensive ($75 for 3 days) conference with its roots in the Perl Mongers perl users groups.

While The Perl Conference plays an important role in the Perl community, there are some things that fall through the cracks at such a large, relatively corporate conference. Attendance fees of $1,000 or more are prohibitive, especially to students (though there are deep student discounts); furthermore, the conference is on the West Coast, incurring travel expenses for those in the east, on top of the conference expense. Finally, yapc is driven from the bottom up, organized by and for perl users -- a grassroots conference.

It can also be thought of as a smaller, regional version of TPC in the Eastern USA, hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. While CMU is hosting it this year, we hope to move it around the East and have it hosted by various Perl Monger groups.


The second yapc will be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CMU has been most gracious about all arrangements; an academic environment like this is one of the bastions of free speech, the humanities, and technical innovation that make it possible for us to have open discussions.

University Center, Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

see the campus map ( GIF JPEG PDF )


The Call for Participation first went out on Feb. 21, 19100, and is now closed (final submission deadline for abstracts was April 3rd).

There are a number of talks on the slate already.


We're looking for some help in making this the best possible cheap conference. If you or your company want to help out, contact Kevin Lenzo. Volunteering, presenting, and just plain attending are also encouraged. Thanks!

We have the following sponsors:

SCS dragon logo
Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science

Without the CMU SCS, this would have been much more difficult.

[VA Linux Logo]
VA Linux is providing our terminal room. They stepped in quite early, and have been a great supporter.
[O'Reilly logo]
O'Reilly and Associates, publishers of fine Perl, Open Source, and other books.
[www.perlmonks.com logo]
PerlMonks, a strong supporting group showing up this year. We have to thank them very much.
[IronBridge Partners Logo]
IronBridge Partners, creating opportunities for new economy in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.
[Cepstral logo]
Cepstral: Building synthetic voices with and in Open Source.
[Manning logo]
Manning Publications, with some excellent Perl titles and other technical books.
[Stonehenge Consulting logo]
Stonehenge Consulting -- Perl training and consulting. Randal Schwartz's tutorials are a gift from Stonehenge!
[Addison-Wesley logo]
Addison-Wesley, also a great publisher of technical and Perl books.
[ActiveState logo]
ActiveState Tool Corp., developing Perl and tools for Win32 and other platforms. Thanks!
[EFnet #perl ops]
EFNet and Infobot.org #perl IRC ops, contributing T-Shirts, time, and a lot of advice.
[Blackboard.com Logo]
Blackboard.com. Combine the power of education with the freedom of the Internet.
[Workspot Logo]
Workspot -- your Linux desktop -- through a browser!
[Panasas Logo]
Panasas: Storage systems for the NAS market. Located in Pittsburgh!

Registration and Fees

Registration is now closed; the basic registration cost was $75. You or your company can chose to sponsor the YAPC and the Yet Another Society by becoming a sponsor -- contributing more than the basic cost. Sponsors are listed among the materials, and in the proceedings; the proceedings and the material are however already printed out; they help us keep the costs down for most people's registration through patronage.

Hotels and Accommodations

Here is a list of accommodations near CMU.

It is likely we will again use the Wyndham Hotel and some Dorm space, but this is yet to be confirmed.


We have a schedule for YAPC 19100.

Directions, Maps, and Pittsburgh Info

Kevin Lenzo
Last modified: 19-June-2000