About Perl Conferences

Getting Your Event Listed Here

If you're holding a Perl event, we'd love to list it here on the Perl Conferences site. This site is now maintained on github.com Please open an issue or pull request and we'll help you out. Alternatively, send email to pr -at- perlfoundation -dot- org or contact Mark Keating.


Thanks to the following people for helping with this site:

Original Team

  • NodeThirtyThree Design for the base design, which I found on Open Source Web Design.
  • Joshua Gatcomb (a.k.a. Limbic~Region) for coding up the script that pulls the events from the Google calendar. You can see the script in the TPF Google code repository.
  • brian foy for taking the lead and creating The Perl Review Community Calendar.
  • Dave Rolsky for helping with the Workshops documentation.

2012 Remix Team