Yet Another Perl Conference

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YAPCs are held all over the world, at all different times of the year. You can find links to upcoming YAPCs on the front page. This page contains some information and links to resources for people thinking about organizing a YAPC.

Hosting YAPC

Why would you want to host YAPC?

First and foremost, it's a great service to the Perl community. Some people write code and contribute to Perl or CPAN, but many of the great things that happen in our community start because of a conversation at a conference. Face-to-face meetings are an essential part to keeping Perl alive and vibrant, and by hosting YAPC you are creating the environment for the energy and exchange of ideas Perl needs.

Many groups have reported that hosting YAPC revitalized Perl in their local area. It pulls together the local Perl Mongers group, pulls in people who have never before gotten involved, and gives Perl a boost in the local IT scene.

It's a great way to get involved with The Perl Foundation and the Perl community.

Hosting a large event like a YAPC is sound experience you can put on your resume and leverage in your career.

YAPC North America Details

Carl Cravens on his first YAPC

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This is what I took from YAPC: a real desire to learn Perl at a deeper level. I sat in talks going, "I didn't know that!"

What did my employer get out of YAPC? Well, I'm dedicated to becoming a better Perl programmer, which is a plus for them.