YAPC::NA Details

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Bidding Schedule

  • Call for Venues: Typically in late March, about a year and three months until the winner host YAPC
  • Due date for submissions: June. 1
  • Safety valve: If we receive no bids, we will appeal once more for bids and extend the deadline as needed
  • The Perl Foundation Conferences Committee selects the host city one month after bid due date.

Bidding Details

We encourage all bidders to attend a YAPC, specifically in the current year. This will give you a feel for what YAPC is like and allow you to see how it is run. You can also help out if you want to get some experience. We're not making it a requirement that you attend YAPC::NA to bid, but it could be a factor in the voting.

At YAPC we (The Perl Foundation) schedule a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session to answer questions and give feedback on proposals people are working on. Obviously, the further along your bid is, the more relevant our help will be. Also, by YAPC, we'd like bidders to let us know they intend to bid so we know roughly how many people are working on a bid. This isn't binding, it just gives us a heads-up.

How do you get started?

You can get details on what a YAPC venue needs in the venue requirements document. When making your proposal, in addition to venue information and possible dates, please make sure to include details on airport locations, local public transit (as well as transit to the venue from the airport!), local cultural attractions, and accommodation information. The more information you provide, within reason, the better.

You also have previous YAPC bids and the voting results all posted in the TPF blog. Note that just as these were made public, your bid will be posted publicly as well.

The review criteria are also available.

Send your proposals to tpf-conferences AT perl DOT org.

This is your chance to bring a YAPC to your town. It's a very rewarding experience, and is a great way to give to the Perl community.